In English

Campeon is a school in the center of Helsingborg, the home of approximately 200 students. Campeon is an Upper Secondary School within Social Science Studies.

The main mission of Campeon is to develop pedagogy, a direction and an organization which will prepare students for the path of learning for life. Such learning strives for developing the student’s skills in searching and creating knowledge through combining existing information with new. We believe that the ability of thinking critically and then to organize it, reconstruct it and draw conclusions from the process will lead to knowledge about the learning process. To practice and develop this ability has the highest priority at Campeon.

We would like to stress out the importance for our students to achieve closely connected knowledge about society, man and nature and we also encourage and help our students to get the ability of orientating themselves about life – personally, socially and historically.

The educational foundation is that man, in a constant process, assimilates previously received information and facts with personal experience, which will lead to a personal and purposeful action. Education is about the individual’s way of actively constructing her own personality. This process takes place in between the everyday familiar things and the new, unknown and unfamiliar.

The Social Science Programme at our school, with focus on Communication, turns to students who are looking for a modern and genuine education which prepares them for further university studies. The focus on Communication is motivated by a thorough analysis of the demands of knowledge in our future society and with the perspective of lifelong learning. Our students´ communicative ability is developed both practically and methodically at Campeon. Our profile in communication gives the students a wide and comprehensive readiness for future development and education.

Our staff consists of well-educated and well-experienced teachers with great pedagogical and communicative skills. Teachers at Campeon are goal-oriented, share a genuine knowledge of their subjects and use a creative educational approach to help you meet your goals. The managing director as well as the principal is also teaching teachers with a genuine interest for pedagogy and school development.

Together with you, our mission is to form an environment which will lead to an interesting and pleasurable learning and help you experience a new perspective of traditional school subjects.